What is Industrial Web Search?

A Search Engine. A Growth Tool. A Game Changer.

A lot of things have changed on the web in the past few years, but industrial search has not been one of them.

Until now, that is.

Industrial Web Search is bringing a whole new approach to industrial sourcing. No more disappointing and expensive directory listings. Industrial Web Search is a simple, powerful search engine for buyers to quickly find products and services, and for suppliers to find new business online.


  • No more rigid, pre-defined categories
  • No more irrelevant searches
  • Searches yield exactly what you want
  • Nobody buys their way to the top
How Does Industrial Web Search Work

How Does It Work?

Industrial suppliers buy the keywords they believe are relevant to their business. Industrial buyers search for the products and services they need on Industrial Web Search. The companies that show in the listing are the ones who've paid for the keywords the buyer used.

Suppliers gain control over where their company is found online. Industrial buyers know they're getting qualified results from suppliers who've paid to be a part of Industrial Web Search.

Industrial Web Search For Buyers

No more sifting through the categories and endless listings of directories. Our search engine makes it easier than ever before to find what you need. Type what you want and choose your supplier - it's that easy.

Are you an industrial buyer?

Are You a Buyer?

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Industrial Web Search for Suppliers

Industrial Web Search provides you with the tools you need to attract qualified potential buyers. No more getting lost in a sea of search results. No more getting lumped into pre-determined categories. You control where your listing appears. You control your digital presence.

Are you an industrial supplier?

Are You a Supplier?

Learn more about how Industrial Web Search can benefit you!

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