Why Use Industrial Web Search?

It's Simple. It's Fast. It's Accurate.

Directories require you to search through thousands of companies. Nobody has time to diligently vet a list of suppliers this big. Industrial Web Search technology streamlines the process. All you have to do is search.

All You Have to Do is Search.

How Does It Work?

Search for exactly what you want and connect with only the most relevant suppliers.

Industrial suppliers have already chosen the keywords they think best represent them. You can search for a product or service, with the option to choose a search suggestion if one exists, and simply hit 'Go' to find a relevant list of suppliers.

Connect with the Most Relevant Suppliers

In the event that no search results are returned, you will have the option of being directed to Google to continue your search.

Industrial Web Search Results Are Simply Better...

Not only are directories overcrowded, but their full of low-quality listings. Only suppliers who've paid to participate are shown on our site. And since suppliers choose their own keywords, instead of being lumped into broad categories, your results are always relevant.

Faster Results

...And Faster

Directories force you to sift through categories and huge listings. Industrial Web Search does this grunt work for you, leaving you with condensed results of the highest quality.

Plus, our Quick Connect form allows you to send one or more RFIs in seconds.

Registered Buyers Get Exclusive Features & Benefits

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Registration is quick, easy and free. You'll get access to a secure login and personal profile where you can:

  • Make and save notes about companies
  • Download vCards
  • See the company name and date of RFIs you submitted
  • See a record of pages you sent to colleagues
  • And much more!

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