Duplicate Supplier URLs

A domain may only be registered to one account in Industrial Web Search. If you're receiving an error message about duplicate URLs, here a few things to check:

Did a coworker register your company?

It's common for more than one person within an organization to sign up for an IWS account. Check internally to see if somebody may have already registered your company.

Do you already have a supplier or buyer account?

If you have a buyer account already and want to make a supplier account, or vice versa, you need to do this from your existing dashboard.

Are you entering the URL correctly?

The URL entered in to the registration form must exactly match your domain. It must be entered as http://www.website.com.

Not Finding a Solution?

If you're experiencing an error with duplicate URLs and none of the above suggestions are solving the problem, please fill out the form below to contact us and we'll be in touch with a solution.

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