What Do You Get with An
Industrial Web Search Profile?

All the Tools You Need to Be Competitive Online

Industrial Web Search is the easiest way for suppliers to connect with buyers. Directories come with rigid, pre-defined categories that make it difficult for buyers to find you. And you have little or no choice in how you appear in a directory.

Industrial Web Search Gives You Full Control

Buyers visit our site to search for products using 'keywords.' You choose which keywords lead buyers to your company profile. You get to customize your company profile to compel buyers to take action.

Choose Your Keywords. Create Your Profile. Connect with Buyers

In every way, you choose how you're found and how you compete online.

A Level Playing Field to Market Your Business

Nobody buys their way to the top. Nobody's given priority because of their size. Attracting new business depends solely on your ability to use the right keywords and use your company profile to show the value you provide. That's it!

Industrial Web Search allows products and services to compete on their merits, not on their marketing budget.

Don't Miss This Great Opportunity!

Keywords are $1 per month for life for the first 1,000 Industrial Web Search members.

There are no long-term commitments. Making a profile is free - the only cost of Industrial Web Search is the number of keywords you use in a month.

We're offering this low rate while Industrial Web Search is growing. For a few bucks a month, you can lock in keywords that may be inaccessible otherwise. At such a low price, Industrial Web Search may prove to be your greatest return on investment this year.

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The Power of Your Keywords

You have 100% control of your keywords, meaning you have 100% control where potential buyers find your company.

100% Control of Your Keywords

You can choose as few or as many keywords as you like to attract the right buyers, and you can pause or delete keywords at any time. This gives you the power to increase or decrease your marketing spend as you see fit.

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The Power of
Your Company Profile

Your point of contact with potential buyers.

Any time a potential buyer sees your company profile, it means they've searched for products you sell and are interested in what you offer. Each profile view is a potential sale. That's why you have the power to customize your profile to make it as engaging as possible, including a custom integrated web page, photo and video gallery, customizable RFI forms, and so much more!

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Company Profile

Industrial Suppliers:
Business Promotion That Makes Business Sense

Industrial Web Search is your way to compete for business online.

All you have to do is make your profile, select your keywords and let buyers come to you. For just a few dollars per month, Industrial Web Search is the most cost-effective way to promote your business.

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